Frequently asked questions on how our packages work

Are the packages a fixed price?
The packages are based on the average size bathroom which is 5m2 floor and 20m2 of walls. Once we book a consultation and have measured the bathroom, we will make any required changes to the price as the package is based on the size of the room, and the products that are required such as shower, vanity, bath, toilet, fittings and fixtures.
Are the packages all inclusive?
The packages are worked out on the average bathroom a 5m2 floor and 20m2 walls. We have based the labour, products, tiles, fittings and fixtures, and building materials on this to give the most accurate price guide possible.
Will the package price change after my consultation?
Anything that’s not stated in the package scope and products list will change the price below are some reasons why
  • Relocation of plumbing and electrical
  • Adding plumbing and electrical
  • Moving walls
  • Changing products selections from the original package
  • If the room is more than 5m2 floor and 20m2 walls
  • Water damage that’s unforeseen
My bathroom is different to the packages how much it will it cost?
We will ask you some questions to understand the job requirements, discuss with you a budget to work with based on previous jobs we have completed. If you're happy with the estimate, we will book a consultation.
If I don't need all the products in the package will I be charged for them?
All adjustments are made according to your specific requirements. The price is subject to the size of the room and products required after your consultation you will receive a separate price for the scope of work and a product item list.
What if I don't like the products in the package?
Once you have accepted to go ahead with our quote, you will have the opportunity to change your products. We will provide you with the product item list to take with you to our supplier view your products and make any changes, once the final selections have been made, send us the new list and we will update the quote accordingly.
I've already selected the products I want, can you source them?
If you have already selected a style and design for your bathroom, we will ask you to send us your style and design ideas and products list, so we can source them for you, to create the style and design you want.
I have already bought my products can you quote for labour only?
Send us your product selections and we will provide you with an estimate; if you're happy with the preliminary price we will arrange an onsite consultation.
Will I get advice on products so I don't go over budget?
The products in the packages are selected to meet your budget needs we have cost-effective products, and custom made products which we will discuss with you at your consultation.
Will I get advice on style and design?
At your consultation we will ensure we provide you with the latest trends and designs available, to achieve your perfect style and design that meets your needs and budget requirements.
Can I change the layout of my bathroom?
We will discuss any layout changes and your requirements along with the price of any extra work required.
Will I get advice on the market requirements?
We will provide to you the latest in the market requirements to maximise on equity, property value, and rental returns.
Do I need to move out while the renovation is being done?
Renovating can be stressful if you're living there while the renovations are being done. With trades onsite early and lots of noise, we encourage our clients to move out if you have the means to. When the property is vacant, we can maximise the work output, meaning we can complete the works quicker.
How do I renovate my only bathroom or all bathrooms at once?
If you don't have the means to move out, we can hire a portable bathroom for the duration of the renovation. This is a full bathroom set up on your property with hot water and power.
Will I need to be there to let trades in every day?
We provide a lock box onsite that we leave a key in, during the renovation this allows our clients to leave the home when they need to without having to give access to every trade.
Do I need to be onsite to discuss the job details regularly?
Before work commences, we go through the entire project with you checking all the products that arrived are correct. We go through the entire scope of works to ensure we are on the same page. We will answer any questions you may have then we deal directly with all our trades. We only contact you if there’s any concerns or questions.
Will there be quality control on my project?
We take every measure possible to avoid any defects or delays. All our trades are given access to our site folder and live program that has plans, scope of works and special notes. If there’s been any changes to the schedule for any reason all our trades are updated. We meet the trades at every stage to go through all the job details. We conduct regular checks on our trades throughout the entire project and if any mistakes have been made captured early so it's rectified as quickly as possible to avoid any delays to the schedule.
How long will the renovation take?
Most bathroom renovations take between 3 - 4 weeks. We are known for completing projects efficiently and earlier than the contract date given.
What's the process to get started?
  • Step 1 - Review the PACKAGE CRITERIA and select what is most suited to your needs and requirements
  • Step 2 - Choose a PACKAGE and the TYPE OF RENOVATION that is most suited to your needs and budget
  • Step 3 - Select a STYLE and use the VISUALISER to view the STYLES. Once you have selected the PACKAGE and STYLE, fill out the PACKAGES STEPS WEBFORM to arrange a consultation

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Our Unique Renovation Process


Understanding your needs

We will ask you a series of questions to understand the requirements of your renovation in more detail.


Solve your problem

A solution will be established based on your requirements along with an estimate for your project.


Design consultation

This is where we go through the style and design elements of your renovation (layout, products, tiles and colour options). We will also assess structural and plumbing changes.



After we have created a style and design concept for your renovation, you'll be able to view your products and tiles and make your final selections.


Deliver on our promise

We have established an experienced team and implemented systems that have a customer focused approach to deliver a high quality and efficient renovation.

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  • Efficient quotes
  • Prompt communication
  • On time arrival
  • Well dressed in uniform
  • The use of floor protection during the project
  • A clean and tidy work area
  • Respect for our clients and their property
  • Supervisor point of contact for the project
  • Professional trades that have been through our qualifying process
  • Work carried out in a tradesman like manner
  • Quality control systems and processes
  • Sign off stages and checklists to ensure trades meet our expectations
  • Regular communication
  • Organised and efficient planning for maximum productivity
  • Will always get approval for any variation work before proceeding
  • Workmanship warranty
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • QBCC Home Warranty Insurance