DIY Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

8 DIY Total Bathroom Renovation Mistakes That Will Cost You

DIY has become popular as it is made out to be an easier and cheaper alternative to hiring a qualified tradesperson. Unfortunately DIYs are an expensive and dangerous way of carrying out a bathroom renovation, that often end up with more time and money being spent than if a professional was hired in the first place. Here are 8 common DIY bathroom renovation mistakes.    

DIY Mistake # 1 

“The first thing I should do is go look at stuff to buy for my bathroom”. This is actually the last thing you should do! The shopping centres are always waiting for somebody to walk through their doors so they can start making sales. If you are a homeowner, you know that any renovation done efficiently is always the best option if possible. If you are trying to finish your bathroom project as quickly as possible, you will be more inclined to buy more than usual in hope of saving time down the track. 

At the beginning of a renovation you may not have decided on a budget or each specific item you need. Without having this planned before shopping, you can be tricked into buying items that may turn out to be useless at the end of the renovation or going way over budget.


Buying your products is actually the last step in the process, different products can take more time to install and blow your budget before you even start. The first step is getting the right source of knowledge and experience, the right plan in place, understanding your budget, before choosing your products. 

DIY mistake # 2

Does doing your own renovation actually save you money? Time is money! If you are capable of doing some of the work yourself, you would need to buy or hire all the tools, probably have to work in overtime hours after your day job, or weekends. The bathroom would take you five times longer if you had full days on the project. 

A bathroom renovation takes three to four weeks to complete with highly skilled and experienced tradesmen that work efficiently and to a tight schedule. If you managed to complete the project, the finish product would be average or if not poorly done. A low quality renovation could lead to dissatisfaction and future problems which may end up costing you way more than if you had got it done professionally.    

DIY mistake # 3 

“If I just watch a YouTube video’s i'll be fine”. Every bathroom renovation is unique, so finding the right video on you tube for your renovation from the thousands that exist is already a big time waster. Not all videos are done by professionals so you could get tricked into taking instructions from an unqualified person. If you are lucky enough to find a video close to the problem you're facing, it’s probably American and their ways of renovating are completely different to ours and will confuse you even more. These videos make bathroom work look a lot easier than it actually is, so don’t be fooled by them. 

If you begin a DIY renovation but have to call a professional part of the way through because something has gone wrong, it will be harder to fix which will take more time and cost more. In some cases, your bathroom may have to be pulled apart and the entire process will have to restart.  

DIY mistake # 4 

“I can save money by doing the strip out”. Saving money shouldn’t be the number one priority! The first thing you should understand is if you haven’t got the budget to do a full bathroom renovation, stripping out your entire bathroom isn’t the most cost effective option. Your bathroom may contain asbestos which requires a licensed specialist to remove and dispose of appropriately. 

A smart renovation starts with doing what’s required to achieve the same result. Not having knowledge and experience can actually cost more time and money by causing damage and unnecessary extra work.     

DIY mistake # 5 

“I read an article that says you can renovate a bathroom under $10000” A makeover is not a bathroom renovation. Neither is changing the tiles, painting the tiles or changing the fittings like the vanity and towel rails. Removing tiles requires everything to be taken out ,including the shower screen, vanity, tiles and fittings. When removing tiles, it damages the surface underneath, sheeting, bedding, render and waterproofing. 

The Average cost of products for a bathroom renovation is $5000 then you have delivery fees, all the trades involved, waterproofer, tiler, carpenter, plumber, electrician, glazier, building materials, GST and insurances. By the time you add all this up it leaves nothing left. A builder can’t work for free or lose money! What about just doing a makeover? Most of the time the bathroom is well over its used by date and it needs to be renovated. Bathrooms are an investment not an expense.    

DIY mistake # 6 

“Waterproofing sounds easy it will save me money”. Waterproofing is the least expensive trade and should never be attempted without a license! It is the most costly mistake if done incorrectly! Everything in the bathroom needs to be pulled out and redone to fix the waterproofing. By the time you buy all the products required its almost half the cost of getting it done by an expert. If you attempt the waterproofing yourself, this will void all your product and workmanship warranties.A form is required to be submitted to the council by a licensed waterproofer. Then, once the waterproofing is done by a licensed waterproofer, it comes with a 6.5 year workmanship warranty.    

DIY mistake # 7 

“Tiling looks easy. The bathroom shop sold me all the glue and grout I need”. Take everything you bought back to the shop! It takes at least 10 years of qualified training and experience to become a good tiler. The market has changed over the years and tilers have had to meet higher standards. Tiles are getting more advanced, larger, more intricate to lay. 

As tiling becomes more difficult, more people are being tricked into buying products for DIY bathroom renovations by shopkeepers. It may seem easier and cheaper than hiring someone but the only person making money out of it will be the shop owners. Contact someone qualified before you get tricked into spending more money than you need to.   

DIY mistake # 8 

“I’ll organise the trades, they will work it out for me”. Project management is a unique skill and the most important part of the bathroom renovation. It takes many years to build a team of trades that work together efficiently. It is more expensive to hire trades separately when there’s no control on their charges and the project budget. Knowing what trade should be there next is a balancing act. 

For someone unqualified, organising trades may have them accidentally overlap or parts of the job not being ready on schedule for the next trade. This can cost you more money in call out fees for them to return. When something goes wrong, they will blame the previous trade and take no responsibility for mistakes made, it will leave you having to pay them to fix it.

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