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5 Tricks in the Building Game Builders will Never Tell You

A renovation of any sort is always a big task that requires you to hire a qualified labourer. Although there are many options to choose from, not all labourers are as professional as each other. Here are 5 tricks you should look out for when choosing a renovation company. 

Trick # 1 

How does a builder quote without knowing your product selections? There’s a best case and worst-case scenario. For example, tiles have a dramatic difference in laying costs; non-rectified tiles and rectified tiles. If you’ve had a quote recently, you might have had the expectation that the builder was going to bring a variety of tiles to your property. You will soon find that this is not the case, leaving with you to be guided by the builders vague suggestions, not giving you enough information for you to make an informative decision. 

Your builder will automatically base your quote on the worst case scenario, which will sometimes cost more than what you require. Once your final selections are sent to your builder for review, will your builder make changes to the quote and reduce the price accordingly? In most cases the client will not be informed of the price difference and the builder will pocket the difference. 

Trick #2

‘Guesstimating’ and fixed pricing

We all know there’s a lot of guessing going on in the building game and most of the time isn’t favourably to the customer. Your builder will be likely basing your job off a similar job they would have done previously and not actually putting the time into, working out your quote using estimating software. Just having estimating software isn’t enough either. Having kpi’s in your business, testing and measuring staff, subcontractors’ performance, and collating data to create the actual time it takes to do each task is crucial.

Having a pricing system in place allows for efficiency and transparency. All subcontractors should have purchase orders which is a subcontract agreement that is a fixed price on the project that controls the job budget. Not having pricing systems in place can lead to projects being under quoted and variations being issued to the client. 

Trick #3

Price and quality

As the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’, quotes can vary a lot depending on who you ask to quote your project. The price of a renovation comes down to three factors;

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions 
  • Knowledge and experience


When you receive a quote that’s very comprehensive it's usually a really good sign that everything is included: a detailed scope of work outlining every step of the process, full product item list including names codes, images of the products, a plan or drawing of the proposed layout, insurance taken out on your project and warranties     


Because of the time and effort it takes to write a fully detailed quote and without knowing whether the client will actually proceed or not, the builder will tend to base the quote on the cheapest scenario possible. This is done by quoting on, cheaper products and materials while limiting the amount of labour as much as possible to try and win you over on price.  

Knowledge and experience 

Companies that have more knowledge and experience with their quoting processes will be at a much higher level. They will also go into finer detail with their quotes. Quotes are done in accordance with how the company carries out their processes. Building methods, quality of their trades, products and the materials they use all play a part. All of this reflects how the job is priced and the quality of the finished product. 

Trick #4 

Over charging on their reputation. Nobody wants to have to deal with something going wrong in a renovation on their property. Reputation shouldn’t manipulate the customer into paying too much. This is a fear tactic used to make you believe you’re getting a superior product or service. Having a great reputation is good, but it’s used to push customers into paying more money for a service. When the company is customer focused it means they will tailor the project to meet your needs and budget.  

Trick # 5

Sole trader vs company. Sometimes if it’s too good to be true, it is too good to be true. The cheapest price should have alarm bells going off! Going with a sole trader with no reputable background and experience in management is a recipe for disaster. This can leave customers with the task of managing and organising their own project, worrying about when each trade is coming and going, which trade should be there next or when the products should arrive. Having great management comes with having a great team, systems and processes that ensure it all comes together on time and to budget.

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