10 signs you might need a bathroom renovation

1. You have a leaking shower

Sometimes you may not know it’s leaking but subtle signs like damp spots in the wall or flooring of adjoining rooms, mould growth on the ceiling and walls, or tiles falling off can be an indication of a slow leak. 

Waterproofing issues are a huge problem experienced by new and old homes. Problems due to poor workmanship, faulty or incorrect waterproofing product installation, or building movement can all lead to water leaking unnoticed from the shower or bathroom. 

Only since 2004 has the Building Codes of Australia (BCA) required waterproofing for wet areas. Back in the 80s and 90s bathrooms (not that long ago really) builders would install a copper shower tray and that was it, no waterproofing membrane at all. Tile adhesive was unheard of with builders using vinyl glue to adhere tiles, securing the tile in place with the grout. This was ok until the grout began to crack allowing water through to the fibro sheeting causing it to breakdown and become brittle. Even a slight bump to the wall would cause sheeting to give way and tiles to fall off.

Shower Repairs
Shower recess

Even a slowly leaking shower can cause extensive damage to essential structural areas of your building overtime affecting joists, timber flooring, framing, and ceilings. Leading to expensive repairs involving a whole teams of tradespeople to carry out. 

Damp areas of timber caused by water leaks are an ideal home for destructive pests such as white ants (termites) which can quietly eat their way through your home unnoticed for years before signs of their presence appear. 

Repairing a leaking shower involves the removal of the shower screen, wall and floor tiles, and fibro sheeting in the shower recess. Re-sheeting if required, re-waterproofing the shower walls and floor, and retiling the walls and floor. Shower repair projects often hit challenges when trying to match existing tiles. In most cases it’s impossible due to the age of the bathroom, batch, colour and shade variations. Even small inconsistencies between the new and old tiled areas can make repairs glaringly obvious. More often than not shower screens need to be replaced as well due to damage during removal or the fact that they just don’t fit in the repaired shower recess anymore.

More help and information on fixing a leaking shower here - Shower Repairs.

2. Asbestos in the walls

Asbestos is a huge consideration for any bathroom work carried out on home built in the from the 1940s through to the 80s and 90s. Often our bathroom renovation team uncover asbestos when removing tiles. Asbestos must be treated very carefully and cannot be cut, patched or sanded to carry out repairs. Sheets need to be completely removed safely by a licensed asbestos removal company before renovation work can be carried out.

If our team suspect your bathroom could contain asbestos we recommend getting an asbestos test carried out as part of our complete bathroom renovation service. The cost involved in the safe removal of any asbestos containing materials needs to be considered in your renovation budget.

Black and white bathroom renovation
Classic modern black and white renovation

3. Cheap and fast repairs don’t work

Many companies promise to be able to fix a leaking shower without needing to remove tiles using epoxy coatings, sealers, silicone, and regrouting. Unfortunately these repairs come with no guarantee of longevity, lots of false promises, pages and pages of terms and conditions. These methods and products might work in the short term but are a complete waste of money which is proven to us time and time again. Our professional bathroom renovation specialists know that the best way to provide a long term repair is to do it right  the first time.

4. Your current design isn’t functional or practical

Designing your bathroom to be practical or functional is essential when planning your bathroom renovation. We recommend starting with the shower space as the positioning and size can determine where other aspects go such as the vanity, toilet, and bath. If you’ve researched bathroom designs you are sure to have come across some ‘what not to do’ examples this is why it’s important to enlist the services of an experienced bathroom design and renovation company to ensure your new bathroom is both practical and function.

Check out our design guide for ideas - Design Guide

Stylish vanity
Stylish vanity with white subway tiles

5. Your bathroom has no character

Bathrooms were often thought of as a working area of the home which didn’t need much in the way of character or personality. You went in there to wash and brush your teeth and that was it. Modern bathrooms, on the other hand, feature superior style and decor considerations which often tie in with the whole home design theme. Many MasterCraft customers add beautiful aspects such as pastel vanities, black tapware, and subway tiles with contrasting grout colour to name just a few popular trends. The bathroom is definitely one of the best rooms to have some fun with colour.

Take a look at some of our recent projects for inspiration - Bathroom Renovation Projects

6. You’re thinking of selling

Not only is your bathroom a space that you use several times a day, it’s also one of the areas (as well as the kitchen) which potential buyers will rank as most important when considering purchasing a property. 

Beautiful herringbone tiling
Beautiful herringbone tiling

7. Beautiful bathrooms add value

Did you know that for every one dollar spent on a bathroom renovation you can potentially make two dollars back during a sale. Bathrooms are a great selling point for homes on the market. 

8. Your bathroom is past its used-by-date

If your bathroom is more than 10 years old it’s due for a makeover. Here’s some common reasons why:

  • Hidden shower leaks
  • Tiles falling off
  • Tiles lifting from the floor
  • Mould patches that just won’t go away no matter how much bleach you use or how much you scrub
  • Grout falling out of tile joints
  • Cracked, broken, or hard to move shower door - like for like older shower doors are hard to source and often need to be custom cut
  • Mismatched tile repairs - odd tiles never look good
  • The tiles are brown, blue, pink or yellow - it happens, it’s bad.
  • Leaking taps
  • Swollen cabinetry

9. Little to no waterproofing

As we mentioned above waterproofing is a relatively new thing but it is essential to keep the water where you want it. We think that waterproofing is the most important part of a renovation and that it should be carried out by a fully qualified and licensed waterproofer to ensure a quality, long lasting result. 

There are many builders and bathroom reno companies who offer waterproofing but are not up to date with the best products and practices available. Others use waterproofing, as it’s a relatively unseen feature, to try and cut costs taking short cuts or using inferior products. As a result there can be long term issues. 

Find out more about our professional waterproofing services.

Small bathroom renovation
Small bathroom renovation

10. Guarantees, warranties, and peace of mind

Ok this last one applies to why you should use MasterCraft to renovate your bathroom. MasterCraft offers customers across Brisbane exceptional bathroom renovations, using top quality products, with workmanship by experts in the renovation trade. 

Our team will guide you through every stage from the bathroom renovation project from bathroom design, project management, and ongoing client communication.

MasterCraft bathroom renovations are QBCC home warranty insured and our workmanship is guaranteed for 6 years and 6 months for your peace of mind.

Our Unique Renovation Process


Understanding your needs

We will ask you a series of questions to understand the requirements of your renovation in more detail.


Solve your problem

A solution will be established based on your requirements along with an estimate for your project.


Design consultation

This is where we go through the style and design elements of your renovation (layout, products, tiles and colour options). We will also assess structural and plumbing changes.



After we have created a style and design concept for your renovation, you'll be able to view your products and tiles and make your final selections.


Deliver on our promise

We have established an experienced team and implemented systems that have a customer focused approach to deliver a high quality and efficient renovation.

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